UK gender clinic reports highest record of girls, young kids seeking to transition

Christian Post – England’s sole gender clinic has seen a significant increase in girls seeking to “transition” to male, the highest proportion ever recorded, in addition to an increase in younger patient referrals, figures show.

Approximately three-quarters of children seeking medical assistance to transition genders at the Tavistock clinic in London were girls, reports say. From the beginning of the year until April, the numbers also show a rise in younger children seeking such treatment. Fifty-four percent of patients referred to the clinic were 14 or younger.

“The number of 13-year-olds seeking treatment rose by 30% in a year to 331. Referrals of 14-year-olds went up by a quarter, to 511. The number of 11-year-olds is up by 28%. The youngest patients were 3,” the Sunday Times reported on Sunday.

“Across all ages, the entire year’s rise was accounted for by girls. The number of boys referred, 624, was the same as last year. The number of girls was 1,740, or 74% of patients at the service.”

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