Venezuela’s war on children at a ‘breaking point’ over lack of medical care

Fox News – The cries of millions of children still languishing inside Venezuela all too often go unanswered as the deteriorating conditions and the iron-grip of the Maduro regime has set the stage for once eradicated diseases to run rampant, trauma medicine to vanish, infant mortality to drastically spike, and for simple health skirmishes to morph into life-threatening plagues.

“The current health situation is at a very delicate breaking point,” Ephraim Mattos, executive director of Stronghold Rescue & Relief, told Fox News. “We will never know the exact numbers of people who have died due to the corruption of the Maduro government, but what is happening in Venezuela – especially to the children – is nothing short of genocide.”

It’s a fast fall for the oil-swathed nation that was once the richest in Latin America, a nation that prided itself on having the most advanced health care system in the region. But today – following years of devastating socialist economic policies – Venezuela’s system has all but withered – and it’s the youngest who are the most vulnerable.

“One of the biggest health crises facing children fleeing Venezuela is simple dysentery caused by the contaminated food and water they are forced to eat and drink just to survive in Venezuela.  The dysentery causes the children to become even more malnourished and dehydrated which only compounds the issue further,” Mattos, who endeavors to reach some of the most famished and dangerous pockets of Venezuela with vital assistance, said. “Children who should be able to not only survive but also thrive, are needlessly dying every single day.”

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