WATCH: Powerful Video Takes On Pro-Abortion Talking Point About Rape

In a new video released by pro-life group Live Action, the popular pro-abortion talking point concerning conception-by-rape is challenged by two women; one who was conceived in rape and kept by her mother, and another who was victimized by rape, conceived a child, and chose life.

The Live Action video focuses in on how conception-by-rape does not make unborn children any less human than children conceived otherwise, and explores how abortion can compound the horror of rape, as opposed to “healing” a woman.

“My own mother was a victim of rape,” says Stephanie Reynolds at the top of the Live Action video. “And she chose life. My life.”

“When someone says that children conceived in rape should be aborted, they are talking about me,” continues Reynolds. “My mother saw that my life was not worth less than anyone else’s simply because of the way I was conceived, and that I should not be put to death for the crimes of my father.”

Video from LiveAction – YouTube

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