Over forty years ago a teenager, I attended an Apostolic revival.  I was not raised in church.  They were in their third week of almost nightly services (they took Monday off), and a number had already received the Holy Ghost. After a week of praying I received the Holy Ghost and was baptized.  If I remember correctly, the revival continued another eight weeks and over forty received the Holy Ghost.  It transformed that home missions church.

Not long ago such revivals were common. Churches typically had two, three, even four such revivals a year.  Are the days of old-time Apostolic revival over? Hopefully not.  Growing churches will still have two or three revivals a year, lasting five to ten days.

Here’s a few things to help make these revivals more successful:

Witnessing Training.  Teach your people how to be a witness and invite people to church.  The success of the revival partly depends on unsaved guests.  The result of this training should be a large percentage of the congregation committing to bring one or more people to the revival. Visiting past guests and inviting them to the revival must also be a priority.

Pre-Service Supper.  People work and getting your family fed and ready for church can be challenging.  Many find having a dinner before church will ease the strain.  Hotdog night, hamburger night, chili night, etc. keeps it easy, fun and brings guests out.

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