Christian company refuses to publish University of South Alabama magazine’s ‘diversity’ issue

A company is refusing to publish the diversity issue of the University of South Alabama’s magazine because they say the lifestyles featured are opposed to their Christian values.

Interstate Printing said they were “respectfully declining” to publish the issue, which included stories on transgender persons and drag queens. 

Sara Boone, the editor-in-chief of the student-led magazine, said she was shocked by the decision.

“That was very shocking to me considering this issue of Due South is about diversity and inclusion. We are trying to showcase the differences that people have and not hide them under a rug,” Boone said.

“We want to show that we are not ashamed that we have different lifestyles present in our community. For a company to decline to print a magazine with this purpose, I find it very ironic,” she repeated.

Boone went on to say that their refusal to publish the magazine was preventing her and others from celebrating differences.

However, they were able to find another publisher and the issue will be released as scheduled. 

The university is facing pressure to cease all business with the company, but they did not answer those calls in a statement released about the outrage.

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