Practical Ways to Cleanse a Room of Demonic Activity

I think we all enjoy our anointed homes that we have prayed over and where we have Christian music playing. I don’t know about you, but I have cultivated an atmosphere of praise in my home. It is peaceful.

I enjoy being there in the presence of the Lord. In fact, sometimes it makes it difficult to leave my home to go out in the world.

However, as I travel for the kingdom of God, and as some of you travel for your work, ministry, vacation or holidays, how do we continue to protect the natural environment we have to live in and guard our souls when we are away from home?

We need to pray over and cleanse the hotel rooms and other places in which we need to temporarily live. Demonic spirits are released in hotel rooms through pornography, impure sexual activity, adulterous relations, televisions, people and prostitution. Along with spirits of perversion, we could be dealing with territorial spirits, familiar spirits and a variety of other spirits that have been deposited and activated in a hotel room.

We want to cleanse the environment in which we have to occupy from addictions such as pornography, gambling, smoking and alcohol. Sometimes, we have no other choice but to stay in a hotel that houses gambling, smoking and alcohol, because we are on a business or ministry trip. You can bet those demonic spirits are running rampant through the activities taking place.

Here’s how you can cleanse a room you need to occupy from demonic activity:

—Anoint the doors, windows and bed with oil.

—Pray aloud and command, “Every demonic spirit in this room, I command you to leave, in Jesus’ name.”

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