Jeopardy! Confirms then Denies Bethlehem Part of Israel

Jeopardy! Has entered the news this week for more than just its Greatest of All Time tournament and host Alex Trebek’s ongoing battle with cancer.

They are taking flak today because they initially ruled that Bethlehem was in Israel, not Palestine, and then seemingly took it back.

One of the contestants picked a clue in the category “Where’s That’s Church?” Which contained the clue “Built in the 300s A.D., the Church of the Nativity.” The church is in Bethlehem, which is officially in Israel but is in the part of Israel controlled by Palestine. Twitter responded harshly immediately after the answer was given and the show went to commercial:

Upon coming back from break (btw Jeopardy is taped, so the Twitter response had no effect on the show), it seemed as if the show had reversed itself as the money was on the score of the contestant who answered Palestine, not the one who answered Israel.

Jeopardy has not responded or made any sort of announcement or clarification about what happened, nor have any of the contestants themselves commented at this time.