The Age of Anti-Christian Rage: How Lady Gaga-Style Leftists Are Trying to Recreate the Christian Faith in Their Own Image

The US seems to be ablaze with anti-Christian rage from the Left lately, but one recent headline along those lines sends a particularly profound warning. It’s because of what it reveals about a possible strategic threat to Christianity in America today. I’m not talking about the dominant story about the media’s rush to judgment against a group of Catholic teens, although that story is especially disturbing. No. I’m talking about Lady Gaga.

Here it is. Lady Gaga calls herself a Christian and then tries to convince the rest of the world that Vice President Mike Pence is not a good representation of what Christianity actually is. Why? Because he believes in traditional marriage between one man and one woman. Gaga’s comment came after people on the Left became outraged to learn that Karen Pence is going to teach at a Christian school that follows biblical teaching about sexuality. That led to broad attacks against Christian schools in general, revealing that they have become the next big target for the anti-Christian Left.

On the one hand, you might think, ho hum, nothing new to see here. Just another liberal from the entertainment industry mouthing off. Just another blatant attack on Christian beliefs. We’re supposed to expect that as Christians, right? Jesus promised it would happen. What makes this different is that Gaga is calling herself a Christian and trying to define what Christianity actually is. That’s extremely revealing. It exposes the tacit end game of an unseen spiritual force in this no-holds-barred age of fury – to defeat the cultural impact of the Christian faith by redefining it.

Anti-Christian forces have been engaging in all kinds of attempts to undermine biblical Christian beliefs in the US in recent years. They fall into two categories: The in-your-face external attacks, and the insidious attacks from within – or at least from those who have adopted the Christian label.

Of course, there have been battles, external and internal, for the direction of the Church since the beginning of the Church, so in one sense, there’s nothing new under the sun. But the nature of the fight has never been as ferocious in post-Christian America as it is now. 

On the in-your-face side, you had the Obama administration trying to force nuns to violate their beliefs by providing abortion drugs, supported by judges who upheld that point of view. You have LGBTQ activists targeting Christians in the wedding industry in case after shocking case, trying to force them to sanction same-sex unions, supported by state officials and judges upholding that point of view. You had Joy Behar equating Mike Pence’s Christian faith with mental illness, supported by laughing liberals. The list goes on and on.

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