An 8-year-old boy paid off the lunch debt for his entire school by selling $5 keychains

You may have heard of celebrities or multibillion-dollar companies donating money to cover students’ lunch debt.

But Keoni Ching from Vancouver, Washington, is just your normal 8-year-old who wanted to help his schoolmates.


With his handmade keychains that go for $5 each, Keoni raised $4,015 to erase the lunch debt of students from his school and six others.

It all started because Keoni wanted to do something special for “Kindness Week” at his school, Benjamin Franklin Elementary. With his mother, April, and father, Barry, by his side, Keoni thought about projects that would truly reflect kindness.

Keoni was ultimately inspired by San Francisco 49ers player Richard Sherman. The cornerback, who previously played for the Seattle Seahawks, donated more than $27,000 to cover students’ lunch debt.

Keoni, for the record, is a Miami Dolphins fan, he said.

Keoni said he decided to make keychains because, “I love keychains. They look good on my backpack.”

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