Corona Virus – Outbreak or Government Released?

From the Facebook of Perry Stone:

THIS IS STRANGE! What do these dates have in common?


One common link is, a new flu or dangerous virus (Ebola) appears, every two years.  Have you noticed there is always a flu vaccine available every year, and we are told to be sure and get our flu shots each year?  I never understood how the pharmaceutical companies always had the "right vaccine" made, before a specific flu emerged? Maybe someone can answer that.

  Personally, I have never received a flu shot in my entire life (the choice is up to you and you should follow your doctor's instructions). The old timers in West Virginia (including my dad) ate hot peppers all year and he never so much as had a runny nose in the winter. He said it was the ingredients in peppers and the vinegar.  My Italian Great Granddad was also healthy (lived to be 94), never sick, but his "secret" was eating lots of garlic. I guess the garlic created such an odor including rather bad breath, that it restrained people from getting up close... so you never caught the flu from another person! Then there was always fasting and intense prayer which helped those who were sick to recover, which is always a positive resource for anyone who has faith (see James 5).

   Also note that since 2004, these flus and viruses occur on all even numbered election year cycles, for the past eight cycles. The flu or a deadly virus (Ebola) seem to increase or suddenly rise during those years. Not sure what that's about - other than a strange cyclical pattern.

    With this recent outbreak originating in China, and the global panic, what is so disturbing to me it to watch and hear the radical left, almost gleefully talk about the damage this virus is doing and will be doing to the global economy, and declaring it will get worse and destroy jobs At the same time Israel has said they feel their researchers are close to a possible breakthrough shot that they think can help). The extreme left's twisted thinking is hoping that the disruptions will eventually harm the reelection of Trump, as through global fears stock mark tank, and supply chains are disrupted. In some states one person is infected and other have no one at this point. Yet you would think the end of the world is here. 

    Some people don't need a flu or virus to prove they are just "sick," in their way of thinking and how a few hope for failure and death just to promote thier agendas and gain power over the people. 

    Ask yourself this.  In the event of a major national crisis of any type, who would you want in any high-level position of decision making.  A person with experience in the economy, business, and finances...or someone whose only real accomplishments include giving speeches to motivate a crowd and naming two Post Offices. in their state? I'll stick with prayer, wisdom and experience.

P.S. This is a good time to look up and get full of the Word!