Nigerian Church Burned, at Least 32 Christians Killed in Three Separate Attacks on Plateau State Villages

New reports out of Nigeria indicate Muslim Fulani herdsmen have launched more murderous attacks against Christian villages.

Morning Star News reports at least 32 people were killed and a pastor’s house and church building were burned down in two nights of attacks last week in Plateau State by the Islamic militants.

The Church of Christ in Nations (COCIN) building and house were destroyed in an attack on predominantly Christian Marish village on Jan. 27. It was one of three communities in Bokkos County that underwent a series of armed assaults that began the previous evening, area residents said.

The attacks were the latest bloodshed in an escalation of violence in Plateau state, where herdsmen killed Christians in Riyom and Mangu counties earlier this month.

Herdsmen killed 17 people in Marish and Ruboi villages on Monday after killing 15 people in an attack on Kwatas on Sunday (Jan. 26), Titus Ayuba Alams, former speaker of the Plateau state House of Assembly, told Morning Star News.

The attacks took place between the hours of 7:00 pm and 4:00 am on Kwatas on Sunday, and also on Monday within the same time frame on Ruboi and Marish by the herdsmen,” Alam said.

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