Open Letter to Jennifer Lopez: ‘You Are So Much More Than Your Sexuality’

There are many well-known people with whom I would love to develop a caring and mutually respectful friendship. For me, Jennifer Lopez has always been one of those people.

When Jennifer served as a judge on American Idol, she spoke the truth with kindness and with compassion. As I have listened to and watched many of her interviews over the years, what has spoken to me the loudest is her sincere benevolence and humanity.

Now, I will also be quick to say that I don’t often listen to her music, although I know she is an extremely talented musician and dancer. It wasn’t her developed talent that drew my desire to befriend her, but her heart.

Every year, my family excitedly plans for the Super Bowl. We anticipate the food, the company, the commercials and the teams for whom we will be cheering.

But we also all know we will not be watching the halftime show. There have only been a few times in the recent history of Super Bowl halftime entertainment when I could have labeled it “family appropriate.”

I was hoping, however, that Jennifer would keep it classy. I was expecting that what we would see, perhaps, was a finely disciplined woman sharing her Latin heritage and magnificent talent with the Super Bowl audience. I knew she had it in her.

As you all know by now, that was not what happened at the halftime of Super Bowl LIV.

If I had the incredible privilege of having a sweet heart-to-heart talk with Jennifer, this is what I might say to her.

“Oh, Jennifer! You are so much more than your sexuality, than your talent, than your body, than your million-dollar costumes and than that halftime show presented! You are a woman of unmatched glory and of eternal significance!

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