Prophecy: Get Ready for Warp Speed

In a time of prayer just a few days ago, the Lord spoke to me and said, “Warp speed.” Then I saw a series of visions of different things that were accelerating quickly. I saw all kinds of transformation moving so quickly.

I saw a plane taking off, a fast vehicle zooming down a road and a train barreling straight ahead down a set of tracks. If something moves at warp speed, it must have a direct path. If it doesn’t, it will likely crash! I felt challenged by this word to ask this question: “Am I going in the right direction? Am I on the right path?”

I felt so strongly that this is not just a word for me, but for many in the body of Christ in this season. So, are you on the right path? Are you positioned to move forward in the right direction?

It is important for us to be positioned right in the middle of God’s will for each of us in this season. Now more than ever, we must be walking closely with the Lord, following His leading with great focus, because God is about to accelerate many at warp speed.

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