Rep. McCarthy: Pelosi Destroyed Official Document

When House Speaker Nancy Pelosi ripped up her copy of President Donald Trump’s State of the Union address, she destroyed an official document, not just a printout, House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy said Wednesday. 

“It’s not some printout,” the California Democrat told Fox News’ “Fox and Friends.”“The president walks in and hands that to the speaker of the House and to the vice president. Those are the official documents. He signs those.”

But if there is anyone still questioning that Trump’s impeachment was “so political,” her action showed the animosity that Pelosi has toward him, said McCarthy. 

“It’s sad, though,” he said. “She is, after the vice president, next in line to become president, and that’s the way she is acting.”

Meanwhile, the president never mentioned impeachment, and on Wednesday, “he is going to get acquitted for life,” said McCarthy. 

“He talked about America, and you know, what he really talked about is the comeback to this country,” he said. “When I sit on the floor, and I have been in a lot of meetings that are private with the speaker and the president and others, we could have had DACA done … could have lowered prescription drug prices. But that’s the attitude [Pelosi] has.”

Meanwhile, Pelosi gave her reserved seats to the House impeachment managers, “because she wanted them front and center to be staring at our president while he spoke,” said McCarthy.

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