The Implications of the Democrats’ Disastrous Start in Iowa

Could things have started any worse for the Democrats after their virtual face-plant in Iowa? And could they have started any better for President Trump? As Damon Linker noted at The Week, “Whatever the eventual outcome of the 2020 Iowa Democratic caucuses—and whether or not anyone in our conspiracy-addled country believes in the veracity of the officially certified result—there is one clear winner of the vote, and that is President Donald Trump.”

On every level, this was a disaster for the Democrats and a victory for Trump, playing into our worst conspiratorial nightmares and further enhancing the Trump mythology.

A selection of headlines on Real Clear Politics says it all:

—’Total Meltdown’: Democrats Bungle Iowa Caucus Results, Korecki, et al, Politico.

—Bernie’s Internal Results: Sanders 1st, Biden a Distant 4th, Ryan Grim, The Intercept.

—Biden Flopped in Iowa. So Did the Dems’ Reputation, Nathan Robinson, The Guardian.

—Last Night’s Big Winner? Donald J. Trump, Damon Linker, The Week.

—The Iowa Caucuses Just Died Forever, Zachary Wolf, CNN.

—Mess in Iowa Only the Beginning for 2020 Dems John Podhoretz, New York Post.

—Welcome to the New Hampshire Primary, James Pindell, Boston Globe.

—Pulling the Plug on Democrats’ Life Support, Conrad Black, American Greatness.

It’s almost as if the Democrats reaped what they have been sowing for the last three years, right out of the gate.

In other words, after beating the drums of Trump’s alleged illegitimate victory since late 2016—he lost in the overall vote to Hillary, he colluded with Russia and he asked Ukraine to help him stop Biden—their very first primary is deeply tainted. And with fears already that there was a conspiracy to stop Bernie Sanders, will the general public take these results with total seriousness?

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