Checks and Stay-at-Home Orders: How far and how long?

As of the writing of this article, New York and California have ordered all citizens to stay at home.

With Gavin Newsome and Andrew Cuomo ordered their respective states to stay home and not go out, should we expect other states to follow suit?

Personally, I would expect more states to fall in line with this. I am not advocating for it, but if we look at Europe; Italy and France are nationally shutting down. We are in the unique position that states have a lot of power and each can make a lot of their own decisions. However, it is very typical for smaller states to follow the lead of bigger states.

If this order goes national, what can we expect to happen to the economy? What about housing and bills? It seems that the Trump administration’s answer is to send at least two checks to every family. Is it enough? Is it going to be too late? I am not sure we know the answers to either until checks are received.

Unfortunately, that is the problem with coronavirus. There are so many unknowns. So many people are losing valuable work time unemployment claims have skyrocketed to over 2 million. Stocks are trying to stabilize, but they seem to be struggling. That is the keyword: struggle.

Every response is being met with struggle. Flattening the curve? We have to stay home, but we have to work to have a home. It is easy to virtue signal, but so many are already struggling – without layoffs. So many are living paycheck to paycheck. It is easy for celebrities to encourage people to stay home. The average person cannot afford it.

So, if we all are given this “stay-at-home” directive, how long will it last? The President spoke of the Coronavirus going into August/July. They’re recommending 15 days of social distancing. That’s a massive gap. Again – we don’t know how long. We don’t know how far its going to go. We don’t know if it will be martial law or a simple order.