Why 10,000 Americans Rallied for Trump This Week

More than 10,000 people cheered for Trump at a political rally in Charlotte, North Carolina, on Monday, the eve of Super Tuesday. I wasn’t able to attend the rally myself, but a friend of mine named Benjamin McGuire attended the event with his wife, Christen, and told me all about it on my podcast.

Benjamin—who is chief engineer at C3 Studios—tells me it was an incredible experience to see thousands of people enthusiastic about Trump. He even compared it to a football game as he described students in the parking lot celebrating with a tailgate party. Benjamin met many people at the rally who used to be Democrats or who didn’t vote at all in the last election but who are now eager to vote for Trump.

“I found one guy who didn’t vote at all,” he says. “But he’s supporting Trump now because Trump did what he said. He didn’t think he would, but the fact that [Trump] was ‘promises made, promises kept’ with all the Supreme Court justices, standing up for religious rights and standing up for life—that right there converted him to be a gung-ho Trump supporter.”

My experience echoes what Benjamin tells me. I’ve met many people who are becoming Trump supporters because they’ve seen him follow through on his campaign promises—not something you see too often in politics.

Benjamin describes another woman he met who was from Cuba. She was passionately supporting Trump because she saw socialism firsthand in Cuba. She knows the evils that socialism can bring to a country. And she knows Trump will stand against the socialism Democrats are touting today.

“I interviewed one fellow who [used to be] a Bernie bro,” Benjamin says. “He ended up voting for Trump, but he was a Bernie bro at first until he really started listening to Bernie and thought, How is this going to be paid for? It just didn’t make sense to him and then that’s when his dad, who was well-versed in history, was able to talk some sense into him.”

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