Pastor Tony Spell update: Now on house arrest!

After being arrested for aggravated assault this week Tony Spell, Life Tabernacle Church, was given conditions on his posted bail. Pastor Spell was warned he would be brought back to jail if he refuse to follow law, namely refusing the governor’s stay-at-home order.

Earlier this month he was arrested for going against the governor’s orders for stay-at-home and had service at his church. Which he proclaimed his rights come from God not from the governor, mayor, or president.

The recent arrested was for aggravated assault when a video surfaced of him almost backing a bus into a protester who was protesting him holding service. The bus stopped just mere feet away from the protester. Tuesday was booked into the East Baton Rouge Parish Prison and released shortly afterward.

Pastor Spell is not the only one accused of trying to hurt the protester. Nathan Thomas, church member of LTC, is also on camera coming close to hitting the protester. He was questioned after service, after confirmation there is a warrant out for his arrest.