Popular Disney Channel cartoon features the network’s first bisexual lead character

The creator of the new Disney Channel cartoon “The Owl House” has opened up about how the lead character of the show is bisexual — a reflection of her own sexual orientation. Luz Noceda is believed to be the network’s first bisexual lead character.

Series creator Dana Terrace told Twitter followers last week that her “stubbornness” in getting leadership at the children’s television network to back her on having a bisexual lead character for the show that debuted in January has “paid off.”

In the show, Noceda, the protagonist, is 14. Terrace’s post confirmed rumors that the exploration of a relationship between Noceda and another female character in recent episodes is indicative of Noceda’s bisexual identity.

A recent episode of the show, which is based on Noceda’s adventures, showed Noceda dancing with another female character named Amity at prom.

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