Why the Rest of 2020 Is Ripe for Mass Revival

Is anyone else besides me fed up with all the fear, doubt and hostility?

The day that Pentecost exploded was a time of national turmoil and world conflict. Fear consumed the hearts of many. Darkness filled the city’s atmosphere on what was meant to be a day of festival and celebration.
Let us learn from that day!

God interrupted fear, doubt and confusion with the birth of the church. What happened that day has now gone around the world in supernatural victory. It reminded me of my dear friend, Des Evans when he wrote this description: “It started as a movement in Jerusalem, became a philosophy in Greece, evolved into an institution in Rome, became a culture in Europe and is now an enterprise in the U.S—what is it? Christianity. May the Lord return us to being a movement in our day and time.”
The outpouring of the Holy Spirit happened in an upper room. In a moment, suddenly, God was touching ordinary people, in everyday places to do extraordinary things and exploits in glorifying God.

It was no longer about a sacred place but sacred people. It was no longer about marvelous cities or extraordinary buildings or temples but about extravagant love, generosity and power, filling people who have open hearts and hunger for righteousness.
The fear of death was broken, doubts turned to faith, their mouths were beginning to be filled with the Word of God to stand before religious leaders. Governments could not stop the message of a risen Savior who had died on the cross for the sins of the world.
The message of God’s love is on fire. Jesus, the Messenger, is at the right hand of the Father, and the momentum of the Holy Spirit is released.
We have access to that same spiritual fire!

COVID-19, elections, terrorism, violence, explosions, earthquakes, murders, riots, anxieties and distress of nations are all a list of an exhausting cancel culture generation.

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