Layne Pass

How Close Can You Get?

By: Layne Pass As a young man, who is pretty active and always trying to find something today, I was given the job of picking up tables for our men’s breakfast. As I loaded my van, I saw that the tables hung over the edge by just 2 inches, and saw that there was something …

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Saving Seats or Saving Souls?

By: Layne Pass As a young man who grew up in church, I’ve seen a lot. I’ve seen my church split, which sadly happens to most churches who are trying to follow the entire Bible. As people enter, and choose to believe partial truth, in doctrine or otherwise, instead of the whole truth. They try …

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What Is Allowed In Your Home?

By: Layne Pass In recent years, the vulgarity and wickedness found in the media has left many adapting to what they will allow in their home, while others have chosen to remove media from their home entirely. The matters of what you view, only becomes an issue if it is wicked, or if it is …

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Moving Past Suicide

By: Layne Pass As this nation continues on, there is an epidemic that has spread despite the best efforts to quench this wretched fire that has consumed many young people. This epidemic is looked at as a game by groups called Blue Whale, or promoted by shows like, “13 Reasons Why”, and modeled by the …

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