Do Not Come Down

  “Helga is here to clean your room.” Yes, those were the first words uttered by JNN’s Bill Cooley as he knocked on our hotel door. I looked out of the window, and immediately I knew that last week was going to be interesting. Last week was North American Youth Congress (I’m going to refer to …

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Four Teens and #NAYC15

We did it. We managed to make it to Oklahoma City for the North American Youth Congress! Our story begins with the very first night tickets were being sold. I didn’t have enough to purchase them at that time, so I decided to wait until I had the money. They sold out in 14 hours. …

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When Did Jesus Stop Being Enough?

How do we tell a generation of excess and instantaneous information that Jesus is enough? A generation that really popularized the “selfie”? A generation that is so incredibly focused on self-promotion and self-gratification? We are in the generation that must get a certain number of likes on Instagram or Facebook or else the post/photo gets …

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The Woman Who NEEDED to Get Out of the Kitchen

   I love church. I love working for the church, but at times, I felt like it was becoming so much work. I was focusing on music, media, and creating a theme for a service. I wanted to make it be the best it could. Nothing wrong with that, right? No, of course not. It …

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A Connection of Separation

 In our day it’s easy to feel isolated amongst people. We “glue” our heads in our phones. Many of us can’t go more than a few minutes without checking our phones. We feel the need to stay connected constantly. When in reality we’re disconnecting from people around us.   The things that separate us from …

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A Cry from Our Spirit

  So, recently I have had some things happen that have made me feel pretty much like I had/have no one. I feel basically alone and useless. Yes, I text some friends and talk to people, but when you are at that place in God where you just feel alone, like the presence was stripped from …

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Where We’re Going, We’re not Coming Back

Back in the day, missions used to buy their coffins, pack their belongings in the coffin, and they would head out to where they were going. There was no “coming back.” They knew wherever they were going, they were not coming back. I’ve been thinking on this for myself and what it means. I take …

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All In

My uncle and I were talking the other day. My uncle, who is the former associate pastor of my church, and I are extremely close. Since he’s moved to Dallas, we’ve become kind of like best friends… at least to me. Anyway, we were talking last Sunday about a series his church, Christian World Church, …

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  Hey, guys! My name is Derek! I’m one of the bloggers/reporters/whatever else I’m called upon to do for this site! I’m so excited to be able to embark on this mission with some very good friends. Hopefully, y’all will enjoy reading our blogs, Bible studies, and news just as much we enjoy doing all …

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