Thanksgiving Trivia and Adopting Grace

As you prepare for this week’s Thanksgiving holiday, perhaps the following trivia will be of interest around the dinner table: •    Domestic turkeys are slow-moving and unable to fly, but their wild relatives can run at up to twenty-five miles per hour and fly at speeds approaching fifty-five miles an hour. •    If Benjamin Franklin …

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7 Questions That Spark Good Thanksgiving Conversation

In the wake of this year’s outrageously contentious election season, Google trends recorded a spike in searches for “Friendsgiving.” Instead of having to talk politics or religion with that opinionated parent, aunt or uncle over Thanksgiving dinner, many folks are rejecting family for friends on turkey day. Why risk having an argument ruin Thanksgiving anyway? …

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Thanksgiving Day Thoughts

Thanksgiving Day is the traditional American holiday when we are given the opportunity to pause from our normal routines and take time to count our blessings. It can be a fun and refreshing time, full of family, feasts, and football. For those who choose to acknowledge God as the Great Giver of all that is …

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